Find the best location for your business


Find the perfect locations

For opening new retail outlets, such as corner stores and boutiques,

and for product distribution.

Leverage extensive global location datasets

People Flow heatmaps from anonymized movements of devices in 180 countries.

100+ million businesses.

We offer a comprehensive census in any country like no other, and leave no stone unturned.

Network Expansion Audit

Approach growth using location intelligence

  • Pinpoint ideal locations
  • Meet your site requirements
  • Score location suitability
  • Infill expansion, greenfield growth
  • Duplicate successes
  • Predict new store sales

Run Performance Analysis

Analyse what is happening around each point of sale 

  • Understand touch points’ success criteria (‘DNA’)
  • All the performance indicators you need, at your fingertips.
  • Understand which factors affect sales



Optimize Retail Presence

How many locations a given market can support

  • The optimal places for them to be located, and why.
  • Rank & Monitor your touch points
  • Location-based scoring system
  • Relocation & closure analysis.


    Visits and traffic drivers

Learn how many visitors by hour, day, and month,
Identify the most important traffic drivers in the area
Predict the intensity of the competition


Identify customer demographics, interests, and intent

    Influence area

Find where your customers are coming from
Predict your potential in terms of delivery


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