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Find the best location for your

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Geomarketing decision-making tool
to target your expansion

Maximise your return on investment 
by targeting precisely the best locations for your future points of sales.

Get decision support insights 
from local market research to network expansion and optimisation.

Designed for brands and franchises in expansion

By combining different types of data, Symaps’ geomarketing platform provides personalised recommendations.

Simple and intuitive interface with geomarketing data relevant to your business strategy.

Finding the right location for your new point of sale is only a few clicks away !

  • Analyse your local market
  • Define your zone of influence
  • Use demographics and footfall reports to evaluate your sales potential
  • Visualise your network and your competitor's
  • Delineate areas with growth opportunities
  • Get recommendations on best locations based on your criteria

Choose a good location and reach new customers

How do we define a good location?

We use three geomarketing types of data to study a location:

    – socio-demographics: profile of your potential customers in your zone of attraction

    – frequentation of the zone (footfall analysis) dependant on days and hours

    – business and amenities around a point

The weight of each criterion will differ depending on your business and on your positioning.

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Online location intelligence platform

Our services

Plan, optimise and expand your physical distribution network.

Symaps simple interface gives you access to a wide range of geomarketing data to help you find the best locations and determines areas with the best commercial potential.

Easily upload your own network data onto the platform to get personalised recommendations on new potential locations.

Works for all types of businesses (restaurants, stores, direct and indirect distribution, dark stores,…).

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Tailored analysis

Our services

Need a very specific market analysis of your business area?

We also provide on-demand analysis for our customers.

Local market research

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Do you need to decide between one or several addresses to locate your future point of sale?

Use our market analysis reports to help you make the right decision.

  • Catchment areas

    Primary zone - Secondary zone - Tertiary zone
    Isochrones (travel time) walking - cycling - driving

  • Socio-demographics

    Population type in catchment area - Occupation profile

  • Footfall

    Including walking and car usage

  • Competition and amenities

    Business & amenities in the area - Number of competitors

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79€ excl tax – Available within 48h

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What our customers say

It gives us a degree of confidence. Our choices are based on something more than a finger in the air. We can use it, not only for finding new sites, but actually for improving performance on existing sites. Really helpful. Everybody that we've had looking at it is very impressed. It's great. Love it.​


Symaps allows us to optimise our network by analysing precisely the number of visitors and the attractiveness of the locations for our restaurants. A major asset for the development of our brand. A team that listens and is available!​

Côté Sushi

100% GDPR compliant

All the data we use is strictly anonymised and 100% GDPR compliant.

Immediate access

Online platform: no need for integration with information systems. Start using the platform right after registering!

Easy import & export

Easy import and export of data with xls files

Want to see it in action? Contact us and schedule a free demo.

Reliable geomarketing data

Symaps technology has the ability to compile and enrich large datasets for deep geospatial analysis. Aggregating three different types of external data sources allow to map detailed cartographic analysis of any geographic location on an interactive map.

  • Public sources

    Local census - Travel and access times

  • Premium data

    Human mobility - High-quality resellers globally - Worldwide demographics

  • Private data

    KPIs by touchpoints (revenues, units sold, in-store # of visits) location intelligence platform features

My location

Upload your own network of locations, combine them with millions of amenities and enrich them using


Quickly explore
a specific address or area

  • Visualise catchment areas and isochrones
  • Key indicators: footfall, amenities and population data (socio-demographics)
  • Compare locations on the map


Find the best areas
by combining and ranking your criteria

  • Combine and rank the importance of success criteria (footfall, business & amenities, local population,etc.)
  • Create and store your own success criteria
  • Find the best locations in an area or a list of points, match your success DNA


Identify the best spots in a network using your criteria AND your own data

  • Store and visualise your network and KPIs
  • Segment your locations and get aggregated KPIs
  • Find similar locations based on a successful location profile

Our offices

Our offices are located in Paris, Seoul and Taipei, while the team is located in the UK, France, Spain, Taiwan and South Korea.