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Smart data platform to localize your business in real time

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Find the perfect locations

For opening new points of sales (corners, boutiques, panels)

and for product distribution.

Leverage extensive global location datasets

Such as anonymized movements from 500+ million mobile devices in 180 countries,

+100 million businesses, HD census in any country.


Market Survey

Understand the success ‘DNA’ of any location and replicate it in your network.

Benchmark any POS in your network to identify and understand top performers and find similar locations based on your success ‘DNA’ (demographic segmentation, local amenities, POI, footfall, road traffic, sales performance, etc.) both in your current network and in potential new locations.



Location Finder

Simulate multiple store openings at the international or national level.

Rank and score expansion opportunities, based on multiple weighted criteria such as demographics, footfall, competition, site attributes, local amenities, your historical performance data, etc.





People Flow

Measure footfall & road traffic Intensity on all types of assets.

Gain detailed, reliable and dynamic traffic data to evaluate the attractiveness of a location.

Rank your locations according to their traffic intensities.



High-quality data at scale

Access our map service from a browser and discover hundreds of datasets: population, businesses, landmarks, footfall, road traffic, etc.


Real-time data enrichment and personalization engine based on deep learning technology.


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