Discover how
location data analytics can help
your business expansion strategy

Catchment area, demographics, footfall, amenities…

Symaps online platform gives you access in a simple and intuitive interface to the geomarketing data that truly matters to your business when it comes to choosing the right location. screenshot 3D

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Get all the geomarketing data you need for your next store opening


  • Visualise areas with footfall, amenities and population data
  • Analyze specific addresses with catchment areas and key indicators
  • Compare locations on the map


  • Create and store your success criteria
  • Find best location in an area, matching your success DNA
  • Find best location in a list of points, matching your success DNA


  • Store and visualise your network and KPIs
  • Segment your locations and get aggregated KPIs
  • Find similar locations based on successful location profile