From site selection to strategic location planning

  • Quickly analyze a location with demographic, traffic, and business data
  • Determine the best locations based on your target profiles
  • Perform in-depth coverage analysis to optimise your network and monitor its performance
  • Identify key success factors for your top locations and replicate your successes

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geomarketing application features


Explore a specific address with geomarketing data


Visualize data on an interactive map


Compare and benchmark locations


Get personalized recommendations on best locations


Upload & download data

Start with key indicators to evaluate potential customers and the market volume forecast for any location

symaps location geomarketing data feature 1 3 resources population -
Demographics for your location study

Population & socio-demographics

Assess the size of the market and the number of potential customers in your target

Detailed socio-demographics: total population, number of households, age distribution, income distribution, etc.

Based on national censuses (Insee,…) and worldwide statistics

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Footfall at street level

Refine your research with the attendance of an area at a given time.

Analysis of people flows: number of people and time of their passage (per day and per hour)

Traffic by car and on foot to deepen your knowledge of the local market.

Data collection based on GPS data from mobiles (100% GDPR compliant)

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symaps location geomarketing data feature 1 2 resources footfall 1 -
Footfall heatmap on foot or by car
symaps location geomarketing data feature 1 4 resources business amenities -
Competitive environment : points of interests and amenities

Competitive environment: business & amenities

Develop your local market knowledge to evaluate your market share.

Identify where your direct and indirect competitors are and what other retailers and points of interest already exist in the market, by brand or type (restaurant, hospital…).

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Visualize areas and territories on interactive maps enriched with geomarketing data to enrich your location study.

Catchment areas and isochrones

Identify your catchment area for your future customers.

Choose your travel time by foot or car and display isochronous curves around the point.


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symaps location geomarketing data feature 1 1 resources catchment areas -
Catchment area and isochrones vizualisation by travel time
interactive map Symaps 1 -

Add layers of data on the map

Visualize instantly geomarketing data on the map for your geographic analysis:
– Population data
– Footfall data
– Business and amenities

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Refine your location study : compare and benchmark your implementation project in a geographical area.

Compare two locations

Easily compare two locations with reliable geomarketing data to choose the best location for your project.

Compare with competitors’ locations.

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symaps location geomarketing data feature 3 3 explore compare -
Compare two locations
catchment area network 1 -
Display your network and optimise your coverage

Find grey zones to optimise your network

Display your network coverage and identify grey zones.

Visualize competitor’s network and determine overlaps and opportunities.


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Determine the best areas for your geographical location.

Combine your criteria

Choose your criteria (population profile, footfall, business & amenities, etc.) and get ranking on best locations for your new points of sale or for the development of a network in an area or a list of points.

Ex: show areas where the number of people walking by is high between 10:00 and 18:00.

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symaps location geomarketing data feature 4 2 finder criterias 2 -
Combine and rank your criteria and display them on the map
symaps location geomarketing data feature 5 2 market survey similar location 2 -
Find similar locations

Replicate success

Find similar locations based on location profile.

Segment your locations and get aggregated KPI’s.

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Add your own data to carry out in-depth geomarketing studies

Upload your own data

Upload, store and manage your own lists of locations (My Location).

Re-use them with previous features (Explore, Finder and Survey) to enrich your data.

Store and visualize your distribution network and your KPI’s.

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my location symaps 1 -
symaps local market study overviewintro 1 -

Download reports

Get location reports for your local market study.

Define an area or a list of points and download excel reports with detailed criteria and scoring.


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