From site selection to strategic location planning

  • Quickly analyze any location with demographic, traffic, and business data
  • Find best locations based on your target profiles
  • Analyse your footprint and your competitors’ presence
  • Identify untapped potential at store level
  • Optimise your coverage and build optimal expansion plans

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geomarketing application features


Explore a specific address with geomarketing data


Visualize data on an interactive map


Compare and benchmark locations


Use AI to optimise your coverage


Get personalized recommendations on best locations


Upload & download data

Evaluate market potential with population, footfall and business data

symaps location geomarketing data feature 1 3 resources population -
Demographics for your location study

Population & socio-demographics

– Assess the size of the market and the number of potential customers in your target

– Detailed socio-demographics: total population, number of households, age distribution, income distribution, etc.

– Regularly updated data, based on national censuses (Insee,…) and worldwide statistics

Footfall and Traffic Data

– Pedestrian and vehicles footfall at street level

– Identify traffic patterns and most frequented areas

– 100% GDPR compliant (anonymized data from mobile phones)

symaps location geomarketing data feature 1 2 resources footfall 1 -
Footfall heatmap on foot or by car
symaps location geomarketing data feature 1 4 resources business amenities -
Competitive environment : points of interests and amenities

Competitive environment: business & amenities

– Check the location of your your direct and indirect competitors

– See which other retailers and points of interest already exist in the area, by brand or type (restaurant, hospital…)

– Develop your local market knowledge to evaluate your market share

Add layers of geodata and display them on the map in a glimpse

Catchment areas and isochrones

– Choose your travel time by foot, bicycle or car

– Display trade areas (isochrones) around any point

– Get information on population, footfall, business and amenities within the zone

symaps location geomarketing data feature 1 1 resources catchment areas -
Catchment area and isochrones vizualisation by travel time
interactive map Symaps 1 -

Add layers of data on the map

– Add or hide layers of data on the map according to your analysis

– Available data: population profiles, pedestrian and car traffic, businesses, amenities

– Upload your own stores’ KPIs and display them on the map

For site selection and coverage diagnosis

Benchmark with competitors

– Benchmark your coverage with competitor’s footprint

– Analyse coverage and penetration rate on selected target profiles

– Identify overlaps with main competitors

Sales network management Symaps 1 -
Competition coverage analysis
symaps location geomarketing data feature 3 3 explore compare -
Compare two locations (A in red, B in blue)

Compare two locations

– Select two locations directly on the map

– Display trade areas and get instant comparison of their population profile, footfall and competitive environment

Use AI to plan your expansion and optimise your current coverage

Optimise your existing network

– Assess overlaps with competitors and white zones to identify untapped opportunities

– Evaluate internal cannibalisation

– Identify your touchpoints’ maximum potential and target your actions for under-performing ones

– Less stores but better located: let AI optimise your coverage

coverage optimisation Symaps 1 -
expansion optimisation Symaps 1 1 -

Build optimal expansion plans

– Find out the number of stores needed to reach your coverage targets and where to locate them

– Simulate expansion scenarios with revenue prediction

– Spot white zones and analyze the potential of new geographical areas

– Correlate the drivers of your stores performance with geolocalised data to replicate your successes

Determine the best areas according to your profile

Combine your criteria

– Choose your criteria: population profile, footfall, business & amenities, competitive pressure, etc.

–  Get ranking on best locations matching your requirements

– Ex: show areas where the number of people walking by is high between 10:00 and 18:00 AND where there are few restaurants

symaps location geomarketing data feature 4 2 finder criterias 2 -
Combine and rank your criteria and display them on the map
symaps location geomarketing data feature 5 2 market survey similar location 2 -
Replicate successful locations ("twin locations")

Replicate success

– Select one of your most successful locations

– Find “twin locations” with similar profile

– Segment your locations and get aggregated KPI’s

Add your own data to carry out in-depth geomarketing studies

Upload your own data

– Upload and visualise your own lists of locations and store KPIs (location, size, turnover,…)

– Enrich your own data with geodata from the platform

– Use enriched data for your coverage and expansion analysis

my location symaps 1 -
symaps local market study overviewintro 1 -

Download reports

– Easily export maps and analysis results for your internal reports

– Download location reports for your local market study (special franchises)

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