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We help retailers to find, assess and finally choose the best locations by using our location intelligence platform and detailed geomarketing data.

From preimplantation study to network expansion and optimisation.

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Are you a franchisor or a retailer in expansion?

Symaps online platform gives you access in a simple and intuitive interface to the geomarketing data that truly matters to your business when it comes to choosing the right location.

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Online location intelligence platform and tailored analysis

Use our location intelligence platform to plan, optimise and expand your physical distribution network.

Symaps simple interface gives you access to a wide range of geomarketing data to help you make the right decision.

You can also easily upload and combine your own network data directly onto the platform.

Need a very specific market analysis of your business area?
We also provide tailored analysis for our customers.

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Market analysis reports

Have to decide between one or several addresses?

Use our market analysis reports to help you make the right decision.

Our reports include an analysis of your catchment area, isochrones, demographics and footfall for any address you choose. You can get 5 reports to compare the potential of different locations with our starter pack.

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Symaps allows us to optimise our network by analysing precisely the number of visitors and the attractiveness of the locations for our restaurants. A major asset for the development of our brand. A team that listens and is available!

Côté Sushi

Want to see it in action? Contact us and schedule a free demo. location intelligence platform features

My location

Upload your own network of locations, combine them with millions of amenities and enrich them using


Quickly explore
a specific address or area

  • Visualise catchment areas and isochrones
  • Key indicators: footfall, amenities and population data (demographics)
  • Compare locations on the map


Find the best areas
by combining and ranking your criteria

  • Combine and rank the importance of success criteria (footfall, business & amenities, local population,etc.)
  • Create and store your own success criteria
  • Find best locations in an area or a list of points, matching your success DNA


Identify the best spots in a network using your criteria AND your own data

  • Store and visualise your network and KPIs
  • Segment your locations and get aggregated KPIs
  • Find similar locations based on successful location profile

What can Symaps do for you?

Our team can help you evaluate the solution that better fits your needs.

Direct or indirect distribution network management and expansion, market study, at local or international level…

Discover all of what location intelligence can do for your brand.

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