What you need to choose your business location

[Spoiler: find out how a location intelligence platform can save you time, give you access to all the geo-marketing data you need and make informed decisions].

What you need to choose your business location and to target your expansion strategy

Choose your future business location

Choosing a commercial location is always a complicated decision because of the financial and time issues involved.

The best location? The one that will maximise potential turnover while minimising the financial risk. Easier said than done.

In real life, it is not as simple as that. And it’s even less simple to quantify.

For lack of time, for lack of information, for lack of reliability.

This is where using the services of a location intelligence platform can make all the difference.


Symaps Location intelligence platform screenshot

Time saved in data collection and processing

We can’t deny that there is a lot of free data available to assess the attractiveness of a new business location, starting with demographic data, for instance.

But… free does not mean immediate or easily exploitable.

Different sources, different formats, different definitions… all of this takes time to gather, consolidate, visualise and analyse. As an entrepreneur, the old saying is true: time is money.

Reliable and in-depth geomarketing data

On the other hand, some data are more complicated to collect, such as the footfall for a specific address. You know the neighbourhood more or less, this street is busier than others… but is the pedestrian traffic the same every day of the week? How does it vary throughout the day? And how can you find out more about an area you know nothing about?

Demographic data, pedestrian and car flow, points of sale and points of interest around an address, catchment area, etc., all within the same interface, would be easier, wouldn’t it?

Making complex data instantly accessible and exploitable through a simple and interactive interface is exactly what our location intelligence platform does.

Providing objective elements for decision making

 However, raw data alone is not enough. Making the right decision also means anticipating, measuring, and comparing the potential of different addresses to find your future point of sale, the one that can truly be adapted to your project.

Comparing the potential of several addresses directly, finding “twin” locations based on your criteria, identifying the best locations for each project… it’s possible, and in only a few clicks, thanks our online location intelligence platform.

Isochrones and catchment area comparison - Symaps location intelligence platform
Compare two locations in a few clicks with Symaps

To conclude

Using a location intelligence solution such as Symaps’ saves time thanks to the reliable geomarketing data, available and exploitable in one place, as well as objective elements to help decision making.

It is undoubtedly an essential tool for brands wishing to successfully expand and set up new sales outlets or restaurants.


The Symaps geographic intelligence platform promise for establishing new points of sale: time saved and in-depth data to help in the decision-making process for choosing future locations

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