Optimize the Deployment of Your Entertainment Venues

Trampoline parks, virtual reality rooms, escape games, laser parks,…
Symaps offers the tools and expertise to identify the most promising and profitable locations for your new entertainment venues.

  • Make informed site selection decisions based on high-quality data and share results with downloadable reports and easy data export
  • Find optimal locations based on your requirements in terms of foot & vehicle traffic, local activity, competition and other custom data
  • Benchmark your network against those of your competitor’s and assess the risk for internal cannibalisation
  • Estimate profitability for each location
  • Simulate different expansion scenarios  to determine the most effective strategy
Symaps location planning solution for entertainment venues -

Symaps Location Intelligence Solution For Entertainment Venues

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Available In 40 countries

Make informed site selection decisions

Find optimal locations

Benchmark against competition

Estimate profitability of new locations

Simulate your expansion scenarios

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