Optimize the Deployment of Your Charging Stations Network (EVSE) with Symaps

Symaps offers the tools and expertise to identify the most promising and profitable locations for your new charging stations, ensuring an effective deployment of your electric charging station network (EVSE). Available in 40 countries.

  • Find the optimal sites for your charging stations based on your requirements in terms of traffic, local activity, competition and other custom data
  • Determine the best charger type for each location (ultra-fast, fast, slow), based on local characteristics and technical considerations
  • Simulate your deployment scenarios and estimate the potential profitability for each location
  • Benchmark with your competitor’s networks and estimate internal cannibalisation
  • Share your results with all stakeholders with downloadable reports and easy data export, ensuring clear and transparent communication
Symaps EVSE location planning solution -

Symaps Location Intelligence Solution For EVSE Networks

Find optimal locations

Determine best charger type per location

Simulate your expansion scenarios

Benchmark with competition

Share results with stakeholders

Available In 40 countries

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