Increasing Sales in APAC for a Healthcare Industry Leader - Success story

A leading healthcare company in Asia encountered a crucial hurdle when trying to expand sales in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Their traditional distribution process was inefficient and expensive, hindering their growth potential.

Discover how Symaps empowered this healthcare company with data-driven insights and advanced location intelligence to revolutionize their sales approach and achieve remarkable results in APAC.

Increasing sales by optimizing resellers' network

The challenge

In the realm of the healthcare industry, a prominent company in Asia encountered a challenge concerning its sales expansion in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

The company sought to engage potential resellers, including drug store chains and pharmacies, across multiple countries. However, the conventional distribution approach employed by the company proved to be both time-consuming and costly

Sales representatives were required to individually contact and visit numerous retail outlets, exceeding 10,000 in each country. This approach not only incurred significant expenses but also proved inefficient.

The absence of insights regarding the prioritization of pharmacies and the reasons behind the varying performance levels among them necessitated optimization.

👉 The company aimed to streamline its list of resellers, focusing on those most likely to excel, while ranking pharmacies based on their potential success.

Pharmacies South Korea
Mapping of pharmacies in South Korea (illustration)

The process

To address this challenge, an in-depth analysis of the company’s internal sales process was conducted. The client provided historical sales data, which was then cross-referenced with Symaps location data. This allowed for the comprehensive mapping of all potential retail outlets and the existing distribution outlets belonging to the client.

By organizing these outlets based on their sales history and location, factors such as population distribution, footfall density, and amenity characteristics were taken into account.

Additionally, data from the national census, general point of interest (POI) data, and footfall data were aggregated to create a performance index applicable on a national scale for any retail outlet.

Pharmacies & Footfall South Korea
Adding footfall to evaluate sales potential (illustrative)

The result

Insights derived from the analysis of the company’s sales data were provided, accompanied by a scoring, ranking, and clustering of existing outlets according to their sales potential.

Correlations were identified between strong sales and various characteristics of resellers. These correlations ranged from factors such as the surrounding population to footfall patterns, including the time of day pedestrians frequented the outlets and the places visited by individuals who had previously visited the pharmacy.

By extracting similar locations to the top-performing outlets, the client was empowered to focus on areas with the greatest potential for success. 

Furthermore, the commercial and non-commercial environment of each area, including the level of competition, was summarized. This facilitated the client in redefining its sales strategy, beginning with the top 350 performing outlets from a list of over 4,000. Consequently, the company experienced a significant increase in sales on a national scale.

👉 Importantly, this survey and optimization process were completed within a three-month timeframe, a fraction of the 8 to 12 months typically required using traditional methods. As a result, the client not only saved valuable time but also conserved resources and finances.


By focusing on the most promising resellers and leveraging data-backed decision-making, the company achieved significant sales increases. Moreover, the streamlined distribution network resulted in improved operational efficiency and cost savings, further enhancing the overall profitability of the business.

This success story highlights the power of leveraging data-driven insights and advanced analytics in driving sales growth and operational optimization. By embracing such innovative approaches, businesses in the healthcare industry and beyond can unlock new opportunities, maximize their potential, and thrive in competitive markets.

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