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Use case : find the best places to open new restaurants

Discover how a leading restauration brand in the UK leverages Symaps insights to choose the best places for their new restaurants openings in the UK.

YO! use case

YO!: a leading restauration brand regularly opening new restaurants

Founded in 1997, YO! first restaurant opened in London with a disruptive concept, delivering Japanese street food and sushi to guests via a ‘kaiten’ conveyor belt. 

It was a success and YO! is now a global brand with over 170 restaurants operating across 8 countries, most of which are located in the UK.

They are continuously opening new restaurants on a regular basis as well as kiosks with leading retail partners across the UK.

Their challenge: choose the best locations for their new restaurants openings in the UK

We're in all the obvious places.
It's now the less obvious places we need to be in.

Mike B.

Before Symaps

  • Lack of science to support new openings decisions
  • Costly external analysis, only high-level data
  • Limited access to data (footfall for instance)

Solution: Symaps' location intelligence platform as a decision-making tool for operational teams and investment reviews

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Main usages

Decision-making tool for operational teams and investments reviews: 

  • Find new locations for restaurants

  • Assess potential locations for new restaurants

  • Analyse existing restaurants

Who uses Symaps

Expansion manager, asset manager, all the ops directors, the managing director, marketing manager, financial analysts

What they prefer about Symaps

  • Gives concrete insights for decision making and investment decisions
  • In-depth geomarketing data
  • Immediate access and flexibility of the platform

It gives us a degree of confidence. Our choices are based on something more than finger in the air. We can use it, not only for finding new sites, but actually for improving performance on existing sites. Really helpful. Everybody that we've had looking at it is very impressed. It's great. Love it.

Mike B.

Discover Symaps geomarketing platform

Explore areas for your expansion, visualise main geomarketing data on the map, benchmark against your competitors, define your criteria to get personalised recommendations on best locations for your business,…and much more.

Discover how to target your expansion with Symaps location intelligence platform.

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