| Find the best locations for your business

What is Symaps? is an intelligent map for finding the best physical locations when you are planning to:

  1. Open a new physical business: such as a restaurant, a store, etc.
  2. Sell your product through physical businesses: in restaurants, stores, etc. is useful in 2 situations:

  1. If you want to open your own physical location : will help you to find the best locations for opening a new café / restaurant / co-working space / gym, etc.
  2. If you don’t want to open your own physical location, but are planning to sell your product indirectly through physical resellers that are already there: will help you find the best physical resellers in cities for reselling your product successfully and not waste time and money with irrelevant resellers

It’s based on 3 types of data insights :

  1. Local footfall – the number of passing pedestrians and cars.
  2. The surrounding businesses and amenities, such as the number and distribution of local competition.
  3. The demographics of the local residents, such as income, education level, interests, age ranges, and more.


> For identifying the places with the most traffic

By collecting worldwide footfall and car traffic trends from millions of smartphone devices (using GPS), Symaps helps companies to estimate the attractiveness, visibility, and therefore viability, of a location.


> For checking the attractiveness of any given location

Business establishments, brands, competitors, restaurants, points of interest, landmarks, schools, attractions, and more… Symaps Places insights deliver powerful business analytics that explain how consumers connect with places in the real world.


> For knowing exactly who is living nearby.

Worldwide demographic data to calculate the location potential in terms of revenue and market share

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