Opening new stores

Filter out the best spots among thousands of potential locations, based on your target customers profile, customers catching area (based on travel time and flowing population).

Privacy and security

No personal data involved.
100% based on anonymized keys and probabilistic modeling.

Spatial SNS listening and simulation

Sentiment and influence analysis.
Positive & negative comments analysis, top influencers, 5 years data history, real time data refresh, spatial analysis._



Real-time data enrichment and personalization engine based on deep learning technology.

Data enrichment

99.9% success rate of massive geocoding & address cleaning. Cross-combine your client data with hundreds of building level datasets based on geolocation: census, house prices, taxes, elections, SNS posts, accidents, etc.

Visualization and reporting

Web and Mobile.
Dynamic geographic, charts and tabular views.
Split-second zoom from country to building level.